1. How do I contact GlucoPlus™ ?
Visit our contact us page for our contact information.

2. Where do I buy GlucoPlus™ products ?
GlucoPlus™ does not sell products directly to consumers. We only sell to Authorized GlucoPlus™ Distributors and independent online pharmacies. Please contact us at sales@glucoplus.ca for the coordinates of a distributor near you.

3. GlucoPlus™ glucose monitoring system FAQs
For FAQs regarding the glucose monitoring system, please refer to the Users Manual.

4. What kind of battery do I need for my GlucoPlus™ meter and how long will the battery last?
Your GlucoPlus™ meter uses one 3.0 V lithium battery. The battery lasts approximately 1,000 tests (equivalent to 18 months if testing done twice a day).

5. What if my meter readings do not match the laboratory's results?
Meters and laboratory equipment may be calibrated to test and measure blood glucose in different ways and therefore give different results.

6. Lancing device FAQs
For FAQs regarding the lancing device, please refer to the Users Manual.

7. Can I use lancets more than once?
To prevent infection you should not use a sterile lancet more than once. Dispose the used lancet in a container for biohazard and sharp objects.

8. How long is the warranty on my meter and what does it cover?
The warranty on the GlucoPlus™ meter is 6 years. This warranty policy applies to the original purchaser of the meter. The warranty does not include the battery included with the meter. During the 6 years warranty period if the meter does not work for any reason, except in case of abuse, GlucoPlus™ will replace the defective meter with a new meter or equivalent product free of charge.

9. How do I update product warranty information?
You may update your product warranty information by resubmitting your information in the warranty registration section.

10. Will the temperature affect my meter reading?
The GlucoPlus™ meter operates at temperatures ranging from 28ºF to 86ºF (10ºC to 30ºC).

11. Will altitude affect my meter reading? Can I use my GlucoPlus™ meter on a plane?
When on a plane, flying at an altitude of 30,000 to 40,000 feet, the interior of the plane is pressurized to a barometric pressure of not more than 8,000 feet. Therefore, you can use the GlucoPlus™ meter inside a plane.

12. Are there any online diabetes-related sites I can refer to?
Yes. You may browse through a selection of diabetes-related sites on our links page.